Writer's Block: First Things First
What’s the first thing you do when you log into your computer everyday?

Well...I usually sign onto my college email account to make sure none of my classes are canceled or if we have any important information we need to know for today.

Then I log onto facebook :)

Writer's Block: Talking Turkey
How will you use technology or the Internet to help you plan and prepare this year’s Thanksgiving feast?

I'm not planning Thanksgiving, my parents are, so I won't be using it for that. And I doubt my parents would use technology. They're too old fashioned haha :)

Writer's Block: Just another manic Monday
Do you look forward to returning to work/school on Mondays or do you live for the weekend? What do you enjoy most about weekends? What do you dread most about school and/or work?

What's funny is that I seriously despised going to school on Mondays...but that was in high school. I hated my school, my classes, and the students in them. Sure, I had a good group of friends, but I just felt that my classmates were idiots, and I just didn't want to be around people like them. I felt like going to school there was such a chore and that it wasn't doing anything for my education.

Now, as I'm in college, I actually don't mind Mondays. I only have one class beginning at 8:30 and ending at 9:45, and then I have the rest of the day to catch up on homework, read, and just generally do whatever I please. So, in all honesty, it would be stupid and selfish for me to complain about my Mondays now, as I have so much freedom.

Writer's Block: Relive in the moment
If you could relive one hour of your life so far, what would you choose and why? Would you do or say anything different? How do you think it would change your life?

It's hard to think of a specific hour that I would choose to relive. Honestly, there's so much I wish I could do over, and not because I don't like the way my life is turning out. It's just because of the fact that I'm incredibly shy, and so my shyness gets in the way of me doing exciting things, and just overall taking chances. I'm trying to grow out of that, as I'm a freshman in college now, and I'm proud to say that I'm doing it.

But if I could just relive something, and not worry about doing something different than I already did, I would say meeting Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed. A lot of people look at Kristen and say that she's stuck up, but she's really very sweet. I didn't take a picture with her, but I did get her autograph. She just seemed so quiet and shy...a lot like me.


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